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Pranic Healing Therapy

Balance Your Chi

Tailored non-touch Pranic Therapy sessions specifically for your needs. The healing system works by removing diseased energy from the body’s energetic system and replacing it with clean ‘Prana’. 

These sessions cover all health conditions - physical, emotional and psychological. Including, but not limited to: Stress, anxiety, depression, phobia, grief, addiction, motivation, self esteem, injuries, respiratory ailments, low energy, insomnia, heart conditions, skin, scars, burns, cancer.

In person, video calls and distance Therapy sessions are available.


Relaxation Sessions

Suitable for individuals or groups

A choice of a several relaxation sessions to make you feel happier, calmer and have increase focus and clarity of mind using guided meditations.

These can be used in addition with Pranic Therapy sessions to enhance the healing experience. 

The MCKS Meditation on Twin Hearts has been scientifically validated to reduce stress and anxiety, increase memory, focus and positive brain activity and achieve peace and stillness rapidly.


Talks & Workshops

Group sessions

Discover how energy 'Prana' affects all areas of your life. Learn how it can be used to improve physical, emotional and mental health conditions using specific techniques.

This simple, yet powerful and effective system can help resolve issues and create a pathway for recovery.

Discover the secrets to better health and vitality to transform your life.

Learn the techniques for yourself.

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