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Having had many health issues in her life and experiencing adverse reactions to medication, Jan Matthiasson searched for a drug free alternative therapy until she discovered Pranic Healing. Having journeyed down her own path back to mental and physical health Jan now offers Therapy to help others.

Jan Matthaisson is an experienced Pranic Healing Therapist and a firm believer in a holistic approach to healing the body physically, emotionally and psychologically.  Through Jan's practice she removes dirty energy from the body's energetic system and replace with clean energy known as 'Prana'. This therapy helps to heal and restore the body to it's natural balance, promoting a sense of well-being.

Jan Matthiasson is certified  by the Institute of Pranic Healing, UK and Ireland.

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"A big THANK YOU to Jan for providing treatments to help my recovery from Diabetes. A year ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes so advanced that two of my toes were in danger of being lost. I turned to Jan  who has provided me with ongoing treatment. As a result of this treatment I have been able to decrease my medication, feel motivated to pursue a healthier lifestyle which has improvised my overall well being and my toes are no longer at risk! 

Thank you Jan!”

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